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2020 Pinot Noir

Well balanced and pleasantly approachable; a distinct reflection of the terroir. Our 2018 Pinot Noir presents with the versatility and profound character we come to expect from this prized and beloved varietal.  

Tasting Notes

Pale ruby red; spicy and fruity on the nose, intriguing with notes of undergrowth, leather and plum; medium bodied and tannic with a persistent, spicy and fruity aftertaste.

Vineyard Notes
After a warm and dry March, winter reemerged in April, freezing over the earth and vines. May was warm and spring quickly yielded to extreme heat and recurring heatwaves from June through the end of August. While September and October were warm, increased precipitation hastened the harvest. Thankfully, the extreme heat throughout the summer months gave this vintage the nourishment for the crafting of excellent wines, across varietals. Grapes used for this vintage were drawn from two blocks, the variation in these contributing to the character of the wine.

Production Notes
Giving the vines the appropriate attention and respect, yields were kept low to ensure the highest quality. The warm temperature in late summer allowed for the right variability in diurnal shifts in temperatures helped to create remarkable colour. The quality of the harvest is reflected in the colour and nose.
Winemaker's Notes

We have a special affinity for Pinot Noir at Vieni Estates; our first vintage in 2012 immediately spoke to the quality of wines we would be able to produce with this very special varietal. Rightfully regarded as a star of the Niagara Region, we're always excited as we anticipate the result of each growing season and vintage. The expressions of this varietal have an incredible variance across the new world and of course, we produce a cool-climate Pinot Noir and, as such, we can more closely be conflated with old world Pinot Noirs; we enjoy and value this distinction. To grow to love Pinot Noir is to grasp and appreciate the depth of the art of wine making and its relationship with nature.

Wine Specs
Vintage: 2018
Varieties: Pinot Noir
Appelation: Vinemount Ridge
Residual Sugar: 6.5 g/L
Alcohol: 13.5%

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