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2014 Appassimento

Following the classic method of Appassimento, this wine is vinified from carefully selected grapes and dried according to tradition. The resulting wine is bulky, robust, tannic, full bodied and round.

Tasting Notes

Ruby red with garnet hues; complex and mature nose, balanced with hints of fig and blueberry jam, hay, tobacco and leather; full bodied, round and persistent taste with fruity aftertaste

Vineyard Notes
After an especially cold winter, spring followed suit with wetter and cooler than normal conditions. August brought expectations higher with normal conditions that carried us through to a dry and sunny September. October was ideal and allowed grapes to ripen further. With this, the background was set for our Mauro, our master winemaker to employ his artistry.
Production Notes
All varietals were given the time they required on the vines to achieve their maximum potential. Great care was taken in hand picking these and laying out for drying, in an effort to retain the greatest quantity for further processing; drying to place over three months. The wine was aged in oak for three years, moved to stainless steel tanks for stabilization for six months and, another six months in bottle before release.   
Winemaker's Notes

The 2014 is our third vintage and the higher concentration of Cabernet Franc brings an elegance with heightened aromatics. As with other vintages of our Appassimento, I'm confident it will surpass the expectations of those unfamiliar with the heights reached in winemaking in the Niagara Peninsula

To refer to this wine as special is an understatement. We set out many years ago on the journey to crafting Appassimento wines and it's a joy to realize this ambition. From the planting of the vines, and cultivating these over many years, to devising the system to best create these wines of distinction. The very name, Appassimento, conjures images of the challenges, the creative leaps we've taken, and the comradery gained in our team in creating this wine.


Wine Specs
Vintage: 2014
Varieties: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon 
Appelation: Vinemount Ridge
Residual Sugar: 11.4 g/L
Alcohol: 16 %



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