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2021 Briganti Red

Brigantia was the goddess of the largest Celtic tribe in the north of England. They constantly challenged Roman rule, and armed conflict frequently erupted when the confines of Pax Romana became unbearable.

Today the vinification of hybrids such as Baco and Foch remain forbidden in Europe and yet in Canada these grapes thrive, and so we too prefer to play outside the rules, taking the best of old world and current wine cultures to create a collection of perfectly blended wines. 

Tasting Notes
Notes of blueberry and strawberry with hints of myrtle, black cherry, cocoa, earth and smokey wood: soft and fruity palate with an enduring licorice and vanilla finish.
Vineyard Notes
We had an early start to summer in 2021 with a hot and dry growing season. Harvest time brought some more volatility and, thankfully, the ideal conditions, earlier on, allowed us to harvest the grapes used for this Rosé before the rains. The late summer diurnal variation was key to developing the sugars and notable colour in the skins. The Baco Noir fruit was harvested from two blocks, the Foch is from from our eastern blocks. 
Production Notes
Hybrid varietals are resilient; the trend in the early part of the growing season was less of a concern for these and we were rewarded with an superior outcome with the above normal temperatures, extending harvest. 
Winemaker's Notes

Our Briganti red has become a symbol for the creative and "rebellious" spirit of Vieni. The fact that this wine is apt for everyday consumption pleases us as it has an unsuspecting complexity. The versatility of this wine certainly exists; it's depth continues to be discovered with every new pairing at our table.

We are always excited by the use of hybrids and in this case, we see them shine in an excellently blended final result.   
Wine Specs
Vintage: 2021
Varieties: Baco Noir, Marechal Foch
Appelation: Ontario
Residual Sugar: 10.2 g/L
Alcohol: 12%




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