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2017 Rosso - Red Sparkling Wine

Rosso - Red Sparkling: the newest sparkling wine in our lineup is sure to be one of your best new discoveries in gastronomic pleasure and entertaining. A magnificent colour and flavour profile, this is the sparkler you haven't had and won't do without.  

Tasting Notes

Intense ruby ​​red;  fragrant, delicate and very fruity on the nose with hints of blackberry and mulberry;  lively, intense and creamy, fruity aftertaste of red berries and a dry finish.


Vineyard Notes

Spring arrived with higher than normal precipitation, a trend that continued through July and August though, the wet conditions were offset by sunny days, allowing the grapes to mature. Concerns about harvest that stemmed from the wet summer were alleviated by a warm September that continued on to an unseasonably warm October and November. We're indebted to nature for this dramatic change in fate for the 2017 vintage. While the Chambourcin grapes were harvested in Early October, the Cabernet Franc was picked later in the month, allowing them to further mature an take advantage of the unseasonable warmth.

Production Notes
While the Cabernet plays a central role in the crafting of this sparkling, Chambourcin is a principal player in the impressive colour. These varietals were tank fermented, the bases were blended and transferred to autoclaves, for a long Charmat process. The resulting Dry sparkling has excellent length and perlage.

Winemaker's Notes

We're especially excited about the reception of our first vintage of Rosso. The two red sparkling wines we crafted prior to this, the limited edition Canada 150 and our Zi' Mari, were both of the Extra-Dry profile. With Rosso, we've ventured into the Dry category; exhibiting that extra bit of residual sugar to suit the sweeter flavour profile; the effect of which has been a pronounced post-sip smile.

While Rosso can be decisively paired equally as an aperitif and with closing courses, there is a resounding levity to it that makes it ideal for the most informal approach.     

Wine Specs
Vintage: 2017
Varieties: Cabernet Franc; Chambourcin
Appellation: Ontario
Acid: 7.4 g/L 
Ph: 3.3
Residual Sugar: 35 g/L
Alcohol: 10%


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