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2013 Merlot

Some of the finest expressions of Merlot come from cool climates. Our vines thrive in the well-drained soils of the Vinemount Ridge, and the summer of 2013 created a wine of great character that we are excited to share, with the opening of every bottle.

Tasting Notes

Ruby red, fresh aromas of medium intensity, red fruit, cherry, black cherry, wild strawberry; the palate is savoury, lively, medium bodied, fruity and persistant with a cocoa finish. 


Vineyard Notes
A cooler spring gave way immediately to a warm summer weather. While we experienced above normal daily high temperatures throughout the growing season, we also had higher than usual diurnal shift between daily highs and night time lows. The conditions were in keeping with crafting a cool climate Merlot. The grapes used for this vintage were drawn from two blocks in distinct areas of our vineyard. 

Production Notes
Yields were kept low to ensure the highest quality. The increased variability in diurnal shifts in temperatures helped to create remarkable colour. The quality of the harvest is reflected in the initial sugars, resulting in a higher alcohol level. Nature served us well with this 2013 vintage.
Winemaker's Notes

Merlot is a special varietal and can often be regarded as secondary to Cabernet Sauvignon; in our opinion, a dubious characterization. It's a pleasure to present a Merlot that stimulates a particular appreciation deserved by this varietal. The expression here is true to a cool-climate - well structured, good tannins, earthy flavours.The versatility in food pairing is remarkable. An ideal companion to saucy dishes, I turn to this wine for pasta dishes and softer meats such as duck and poultry.

Wine Specs
Vintage: 2013
Varieties: Merlot
Appelation: Vinemount Ridge
Acid:  g/L
Ph:   g/L
Residual Sugar: 3 g/L
Alcohol: 14%


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