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2017 Cabernet Franc Reserve - GOLD MEDAL - 2022 National Wine Awards Canada

Gold Medal Winner - 2022 National Wine Awards of Canada

Cabernet Franc is a star varietal that thrives on the Vinemount Ridge. Hardy and ripening earlier than many others, it rewards us with consistently well-balanced wines of great character. Only exceptional vintages receive the care and treatment to become reserves and, our 2017 vintage is an exceptional example.

Tasting Notes
Ripe ruby red; elegant, complex on the nose, fruity with blackberry and cherry, hints of black pepper and vanilla; dry, balanced and full bodied, fruity with a spicy aftertaste.

Vineyard Notes
Spring arrived with higher than normal precipitation, a trend that continued through July and August though, the wet conditions were offset by sunny days, allowing the grapes to mature. Concerns about harvest that stemmed from the wet summer were alleviated by a warm September that continued on to an unseasonably warm October and November. We're indebted to nature for this dramatic change in fate for the 2017 vintage. The Cabernet Franc grapes were harvested in late October.
Production Notes
The Longer growing season was an initial indicator to pursue a vintage; the resulting fruit, at harvest, left us with no doubt.  The grapes used for this reserve vintage were collected from our oldest block. This was cellared for over two years in French oak resulting in a full bodied and robust wine. 
Winemaker's Notes

When nature rewards us with such exceptional results in a growing season, we cannot ignore or take for granted the fruit we are working with. Environmental conditions are anything but predictable and excitement grows, in step with consternation, when approaching harvest in exceptional years.

The crafting of reserves is an opportunity to showcase the best of the our terroir. We send out a veritable message in a bottle to speak to the consumer - to tell the story of the season that was, the care taken, and the passage of time.

I hope you enjoy this story: it's a great one today, and pages are being added to this tale as time goes on.   

Wine Specs
Vintage: 2017
Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon
Appelation: Vinemount Ridge
Residual Sugar: 3.2 g/L
Alcohol: 14 %


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